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London remains the European capital of FINTECH with firms attracting over $5.08bn of investment since June 2016.  In comparison, Paris got $1.38bn, Berlin $1.02 bn and Stockholm $683 m. (Source: Forbes). Nevertheless, as a UK FINTECH owner you know that a NO-DEAL BREXIT poses serious threats as it would mean you could be unable to offer your services and solutions across the EU again until you receive a further special (hypothetical?) approval. This makes your planning for the future extremely difficult. But you cannot afford “costly” Brexit risk assessments from the big advisory firms. Why not fixing the issue by simply looking at the possibility of opening a subsidiary on the continent and setting up plans to obtain the correct licensing abroad?

Get help from independent structures, be informed! Exploring abroad is indeed the right decision as long as you know how to act and how to break barriers. There are many factors that can either make or break your business when you try to go overseas. Along with promises, expanding abroad may carry substantial challenges: chasing too many cross-border opportunities, currency and VAT fluctuations or cultural barriers for example. Doing business in/from another country can be sometimes a long way from doing business in your hometown. Just think differently and consciously reject standard options from big players. They are many benefits of working with a human-sized and independent company:

– Customised guidance based on your entire financial picture.

– Relationship that is responsive, attentive and personal.

– Transparent and simple fee structure.

– High level of expertise from experienced professionals.

Why working with LYS TRADE Ltd? Acting skillfully between the United Kingdom and Luxembourg is our major asset.

Why Luxembourg? Luxembourg is a strategic EU location with easy access to Paris, London, Zürich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Brussels amongst many key EU locations. In Luxembourg, you can do business in French, German, and English, including legal contracts in any of these languages. Luxembourg’s workforce is highly educated and skilled as well as diverse; 47% of the population are foreigners and 160,000 people commute daily from Belgium, France and Germany to work in the Grand-Duchy.

Lys Trade Ltd is a team of professionals based in UK and in Luxembourg having the expertise to provide valuable help the first few times you are trying to evaluate a new market. We are driven by our innovative mindset and ability to effectively prioritize your business needs. We assist your business to effectively setup and grow providing expertise for a soft landing. We manage all the administrative tasks for you. We will help you to choose the best location for your future office and the good providers that will assist you during the launch of your activities (incorporation services, banks, legal & Tax services, public funding’s, IT services, accounting services, compliancy, operations, etc.)

If your solutions require a local representative knowledgeable about special aspects of your product, we will obviously select a Business Partner who can provide that type of executive force.

  • We can also identify the local partner with the best track record selling to the target market.
  • Unless you are fluent in the language of the country you are selling to, we’ll choose a representative who can speak your language well.
  • By working with us you obtain an immediate presence in the heart of the EU.

Just reach LYS TRADE (info@lystrade.co.uk) to set up an appointment with our representatives in Luxembourg or in London. As a Lys Trade client, you will beneficiate from the joint expertise of business specialists and international consultants. Together we will be able to advise you about the requirements for your business start-up in Europe, in/ from Luxembourg.

Philippe Johan Castelain, Managing Director@Lys Trade