Restoring Trust.....

We can help you

What we do

We help our clients in financial services onboard, assess, monitor and manage their customers 'COMPLIANTLY". We support our clients cope with the ever-changing demands of regulation by delivering solutions that meet compliance and regulatory requirements, specifically in the area of fraud detection and prevention.
Our platform utilises Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Blockchain technologies in addition to the more traditional filtering and analysis tools.
Our team and partners have decades of experience working at, and for, some of the world’s leading finance companies.
We know that using technology to defeat fraud will change the way the world does business, restoring trust.

Your benefits

We offer a unique combination of Finance Knowledge, Technology skill and Regulatory Expertise.
You improve your Client Onboarding and Document Management Automation. You can manage Regulatory changes and Compliance. You reduce False Positives and increase Real Positive identification; 360-degree view of historic issues; clustering; dip testing; graphic data representation to reduce workloads and lower the costs of alert management.