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For a lot of UK and EU companies with business development plans Brexit is today definitively on top of the list. A year ago no one took as real the possibility that the UK might vote to leave the EU. But this is what happened and, having spent 40 years trying to harmonise standards, integrate markets and create cross-border supply chains, business now faces the possibility that some will have to be undone. From now until March 2019, many of the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) on both sides could be in an uncomfortable grey area. But in Lys Trade we think that in many ways Brexit is just the beginning of a new cross border adventure rather than a tragic episode. This is NOT war, this is an amicable divorce. Sometimes children are less traumatized by divorce than they would be by growing up in a house with a bad marriage……

Even we all ignore the true potential impact of Brexit, there is a large number of new spaces to find additional and equally fruitful partnerships elsewhere. For instance, many bilateral collaborations between UK and Luxembourg are synonymous of excellent international developments. Collaboration between SME’s in UK and in Luxembourg can proliferate particularly rapidly because both countries have long had close ties, especially in managing Europe’s trillions of euros in pension investments, and they are advocates of a liberalised market in financial sectors.

Why SME’s in UK should have a look on Luxembourg?

Luxembourg has been focused for the past several years on diversifying its economy by developing niche sectors that are future-driven, such as logistics – building on the extensive historic cargo transport infrastructure with CARGOLUX, the national all-cargo airline which leads the European air-freight sector, and the LUXAIR CARGO CENTRE at Findel Airport – and technology, with the expansion of FIBER-OPTIC HIGH-SPEED BROADBAND NETWORKS across the country and the opening of new DATACENTERS providing state-of-the-art platforms for eCOMMERCE INTERNATIONALY

Why SME’s based in Luxembourg should have a look on UK?

At a headline level, the UK’s performance securing Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in 2016 was solid. It remained Europe’s number one recipient of projects ahead of Germany, with a 7% rise in total projects to 1.144 (the highest on record). It was also Europe’s leading recipient of FDI jobs, recording a 2% rise to 44.665.

The UK gained its largest number of projects in 2016 from sales and marketing activities, which rose 32%. It also did well attracting logistics projects, up by 30%. And although UK manufacturing plant projects fell, the overall number of projects by manufacturers increased from 355 to 374. Financial services and business services posted strong growth, sustaining the UK’s lead in Europe in these two sectors. (Source: EY’s UK Attractiveness Survey May 2017).

Why working with LYS TRADE to expand your business in Luxembourg and UK?

Lys Trade is using years of business development experience in managing projects for companies to launch “Business Hubs” in Europe. Helping businesses to take full advantage of new opportunities is what we do and what we do best
Philippe Johan Castelain
Managing Director@Lys Trade