Branch Office Services

An alternative way of expanding your business.

Looking to set up a Branch Office or a Subsidiary in the European Union?

What we do:

We manage all the administrative tasks for you: We select the suitable form of the new company, draw up the constitutional documents, apply for the business permit, register the company with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) and register the company for the VAT.
We can also help you to choose the location for your future office and the launch of your commercial business (sales & marketing, bank account, public funding’s, IT services, accounting & legal services, compliancy and operations).


Your Benefits:

You make your company stand out from your competitors through an international approach. You increase your sales addressing a new potential of millions of consumers. A local office gives you the chance to identify and exploit opportunities in your target market. It also gives you the flexibility to control your operations, and expand if necessary. There are other benefits:

  • While intermediaries may opt for short-term sales, this way you can plan for the long term.
  • Your customers will take you more seriously if you have a local base. This is particularly true if your products require specialist after-sales service.
  • It provides an opportunity to extend your intellectual property rights and registrations into other markets.