Business Development as a Service.

A judicious approach in order to meet your objectives.

Seeking to expand your activities into new territories?

What we do:

We offer you the services of experienced Business Developers with good connections to key influencers on the targeted market who will be acting as the AMBASSADOR for your solutions and services. He will be considered as your local point of contact and will communicate with prospects as your dedicated business partner or under the name of your company.  He will be conducting sales markets and Lead Generation campaigns. His local activities will also integrate a marketing plan including specific recommendations on your solutions, the positioning of your products and services, the potential customers and your competitors.

Your Benefits:

You minimise the financial risk of your investments on a new market. You benefit from a very flexible model allowing you to define the partnership period and to stop our collaboration at any moment (variable notice period).
Our Business Developers having a continuous presence in the targeted market, you keep away time consuming sales business travels, costs of local back-offices, infrastructures or logistics. By working with an outsourcing sales expert, you obtain an immediate presence and can even establish your own “VIRTUAL OFFICE”.