Chasing agility in the world of digital.

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What we do:

We offer you scalable solutions developed by VALUESBOX which focuses primarily on Digital Leadership, Cultural Change and Exponential Growth (
1) The CXO "INSPIRATION CLUB": 3 hours – workshop series. The content and case studies are developed to inspire the leadership teams and provide an understanding of what is possible and how it can be done.
2) 5-days "INNOVATION FACTORY": Efficient innovation tool based on rapid experimentation. Over the course, the team will develop and test number of different ideas.
3) "BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION ACCELERATOR" (a 10-weeks process): Course based on "DX in 4 Steps" methodology” which focuses primarily on digital leadership, cultural change and exponential growth.

Your Benefits:

The programs are facilitated by dedicated Senior Consultants. It provides the C-Suite and the organisation an effective way to adapt and execute the most impactful transformation projects. Business transformation can empower employees to work better, faster and smarter. It improves how you engage with customers, enhance customer experience and last but not least it enables you to stay competitive.