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You have to move fast to stay ahead of your competition. You want to penetrate a new territory but all the necessary resources may not be in-house and you don’t want to take too many risks. You are looking about expanding your business internationally, but you don’t have answers to the following questions:

  • Is it the right momentum to start expanding abroad?
  • Is the UNCERTAINTY of BREXIT an opportunity to tackle my saturated domestic market?
  • Where should I start my new market entry strategy in Europe?
  • Do I have sales headcount issues?
  • Do I need more sales but can’t make the commitment to hiring long-term staff? Or am I simply looking to grow my team without adding fixed overheads to my business?

The challenges of getting cost effective International Sales Operations have never been more complex. This is why more and more companies are looking for business partners to simplify their ability to expand into foreign markets. Outsourcing your sales operations needs can be one of the most highly business decisions you could ever make. It is a proven solution globally, utilised by many of the world’s most successful sales oriented businesses. The “Sales as a Service” (SaaS) model for example is a popular concept that brings outsourced sales solutions into your business. The SaaS solution can put you back in control of other key activities and gives you the opportunity to “TRY BEFORE YOU HIRE”. Helping to meet these expectations is exactly what we do at LYS TRADE Ltd (www.lys-trade.co.uk). We help innovative companies to extend their business in the EU or the UK by providing expert sales and business developers. Lys Trade Ltd is an independent business consulting company run by professionals, with extensive experience in UK and in Luxembourg (Why Luxembourg: https://meetings.visitluxembourg.com/skills-expertise/why-luxembourg).Over the last few months we have developed synergies in resources and strategic business partners that MULTIPLY the VALUE of business expansion. Whatever your company’s experience, stage of development, or level of internationalisation, we can provide the service that is designed to enhance your organisation’s competitive standing in the global marketplace.

Our range of services is tailored specifically to meet your individual needs:






With Lys Trade you get a professional fully assessed and trained in the fundamentals. By working with us you obtain an immediate operational presence and can even establish your own “VIRTUAL OFFICE” into a new territory.

In Lys Trade, we offer a range of contracting options, so whether you are looking to take on your new business developer for a few months or to find that perfect fit for the future of your business, we deliver you with the very best expert.We can also offer a range of fee structures to suit your business. Our fixed fee option will provide you with a guaranteed rate, leaving you safe with no hidden costs.

Our services allow you to be able to test a new market. It clearly means you can wait with opening a local office or extending your sales force until your new business is mature enough. You do GREAT PROFIT + MINIMISE EXPOSURE TO RISK!

Just e-mail LYS TRADE Ltd (info@lystrade.co.uk)to set up an appointment with our representatives in Luxembourg or in London. As a Lys Trade client, you will beneficiate from the joint expertise of sales specialists and international consultants. Together we will be able to advise you about the requirements for your business start-up in Europe, in/ from Luxembourgor in UK and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Our purpose – helping SME’s create more prosperous businesses.

Philippe Johan Castelain, Managing Director@Lys Trade Ltd